THQ Case Study 


THQ Inc. is a leading worldwide developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software. The company develops its products for all popular game systems, personal computers and wireless devices. THQ utilizes Pacful on a regular basis for both printing and fulfillment purposes.


THQ came to Pacful with a job that quite literally, no other vendor would accept - they needed Pacful to print 100,000 envelopes (plus fold & glue them), 100,000 posters and 100,000 postcards. Then all 100,000 postcards and posters had to be individually inserted into the envelopes, sealed and mailed. Pacful had a maximum of two weeks from receiving the artwork to mailing all 100,000 stuffed envelopes to the individual addresses. In seeking bids on this job, Pacful was the only vendor who would even agree to take on the task!

Pacful Solution

Pacful's management team went to work immediately, burning the midnight oil on night #1. They laid out an execution plan covering every single process step required to get the job done, calculating man-power resources needed, along with the requisite over-time needs. Pacful ended up running more than their normal two-shifts a day, and pulled every single employee into the mix of working the actual machines to get the job done. Salespeople where running printing presses, finance team employees were running envelope machines, and the president herself was helping stack sorted boxes of ready-to-mail envelopes onto the USPS sort machine.


Pacful completed the job on time, on budget and without a single error. THQ was ecstatic with the results, and continues to work with Pacful to this day on printing and fulfillment work.