Digital Printing 

Fully Integrated Digital Print Solution

Pacful, Inc. provides an integrated digital print solution. Our advanced online ordering and fulfillment systems include state-of-the-art Ricoh C901 Graphic Arts Edition, known for delivering offset and true photo quality. End-users can select literature that they'd like printed from an easy-to-use interface integrated into Pacful, Inc.'s e-commerce solutions.

Printing is completed and the documents are shipped within minutes. The solution is especially economical for businesses with multiple pieces of collateral that are rarely printed, but where print quality and being on time is critical.

  • Pacful, Inc.'s customers can place orders for short-run collateral to replenish inventory. Replenishment of printed matter can be done immediately, and the risk of being out-of-stock has virtually been eliminated. In addition, shorter production runs become more cost effective for our customers.
  • With shorter print runs, customers reduce the risk of printed materials that will never be used and will be recycled. Thus Pacful, Inc. provides this solution so our customers run greener, more cost-efficient operations.
  • Variable print runs can be produced in real-time for targeted marketing campaigns, training materials and personalized information for higher impact.

Ricoh C901 Graphic Arts Edition Printer

The Ricoh C901 Graphic Arts Edition is an advanced, digital press that prints up to 1,200 dots per inch (dpi). Designed for the production of marketing collateral, direct mail, photo specialty products, books and manuals including higher-volume production in centrally controlled, multiple-press environments the solution delivers the offset and photo look and feel afforded by Ricoh. Capable of printing over 1 million color pages per month, the Ricoh C901 Graphic Arts Edition is a truly universal production device. It's also the one true digital offset press that combines the look and feel of traditional offset with genuine photo quality.

Prepress is done in-house using a multi-platform environment.